Welcome back, again.

Hello, world! I update this blog on the eve’s eve of my 25th birthday – over a year since my last post. It’s amazing how much can change over 365 days, is it not?

I’ve wrestled with the idea of my blog for months. I’ve juggled around ideas of focusing a niche on travel or wedding planning – (yes, I’m now an engaged woman!) – or taking the modern business woman angle… but mostly, I just felt very uninspired.

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Thoughts from a dormant blogger.

Hi fam, its been awhile.

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The Art of Dealing With Difficult People

Difficult people are part of life. You can’t hide from it. You can’t run from it. No matter how sweet and generous of a person you are, there will be others who rub you the wrong way.

It isn’t always intentional. Sometimes our body language is all it takes – a subconscious movement or reaction that is hard-wired into a person’s psyche. And although I firmly believe that people can change, it will only happen if they are willing to change themselves.

Here are five ways we irritate, dishearten, and upset one another as human beings. Let’s figure out how we can cope with them when it happens to us – and how to change our own ways, as well.

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I Want Progress, Not Perfection

The perfectionist in me simultaneously sighs with relief and begins to panic.

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Kind People Are My Kind of People

What does it mean to be kind?

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Life Got Better After I Unfollowed You

In the age of social media, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of us have at least one outlet at our fingertips. And while there are both pros and cons to social media that one could debate for hours, one thing is for certain: social media has changed the world, forever.

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It must be the way that the sprinklers hit my car every morning or the large amount of dust forming form the construction next door… either way, my car just won’t stay clean.

Sometimes, humans feel that way.

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5 Tips For an Anxious Speaker / Presenter

With spring around the corner, a lot of us in school have presentations, speeches, and papers due on the horizon. Public speaking, a favorite of most students (sarcasm) often carries with it a little black storm cloud that rests itself over the upcoming speaker’s head. The build-up to a big presentation is often times more stressful than the project itself. Speaker anxiety is like the little devil on your shoulder, whispering not-so-sweet nothings into your ear and slowly convincing you that what can go wrong, will go wrong. Murphy’s Law, after all.

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Taking a Break

Sometimes, you just need one.

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Influencer vs. Manipulator

The line between an influencer and a manipulator can sometimes wear a little thin. It’s important to know that there is a difference between the two, and that the feeling in your gut isn’t the only way to determine that difference.

So, what is the difference between a manipulator and an influencer? How can we be one and not the other?

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