An ‘Elementary’ Concept

My little sister is a complete gem! Sometimes, as is anyone, she can make frustrating decisions & I chose to become exasperated… but I do love her so! She is a new 4th grader (I know, huge age gap!) and a blonde, blue-eyed beauty.
Today, I went with mom to go watch her receive her award for ranking Advanced on her test scores last year. Afterwards, we volunteered in her classroom for a salt dough project. It’s always nice to see her at school and in a different environment than home. She is so eloquent in her words and is truly helpful to her peers. She respects their opinions and offers up creativity I wish I had at her age.
It got me thinking about how we all act when we aren’t at home. Do we show grace to others around us? Do we smile and share happy stories? Do we offer our help to someone in need of it and truly expect nothing in return?
Small, consistent, and deliberate actions. That’s what makes all the difference.
My best,


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