Time Value


Today was the kind of day that I had 100% booked with a million things to do… and then plans changed unexpectedly all across the board. Thank goodness for frequently educating myself the art of flexibility within my day-to-day schedule! Or I could’ve been a right piece of work & no one would’ve wanted to deal with a nasty bad attitude… oh, how I’ve progressed in the past few months! 🙂

Here is something my mom told me this afternoon as I relayed to her that I felt I was being ‘flaked-on’ and ‘not taken seriously’ and ‘working around the schedule of everyone but myself’ : “Well, you can’t live anyone else’s life but Jen-Jen’s.” Yes, Jen-Jen is one of the many nicknames my parents have for me. But these words hold a lot of truth.

It is true that when you have plans with another person, you need to work together to find a set time & date that works well for both parties. But if someone continually calls you last minute to cancel or regularly ‘forgets’ and doesn’t show up at all… it may be time to move on. This applies to friends, love interests, business clients, etc. For a long time, I’d often bow down to the time of others & let my day mold around everything anyone else needed to take care of – even if it meant multiple changes of plans & constant excuses. I felt like an awkward fish flopping on a deck when they didn’t show up or called to cancel! Here’s an example:

 Me: “Hello?
Other Person: “Hey… Jenni…
Me: “Oh, Hi! What’s up? Where are you?”
Other Person:Yeah… about that. You see, I have this problem…”
Me: “Are you okay?
Other Person: “Yeah… you see I can’t find my sunglasses so I can’t drive anywhere. Sorry.”
Me: “Huh?”
Other Person: “I need my sunglasses to drive. How about I text you tomorrow and we’ll reschedule?”
Me: (cheery voice) “Oh, sure!!! I completely understand! I hope you find them! Talk to you tomorrow!”
That is an actual conversation I have had on the phone in the past. Don’t be a spineless jellyfish like I was, ha! Often times, a conversation like that leads to multiple. But let me clarify further: It is very smart to acknowledge & understand that there will be emergencies when people will have to cancel – I recently had an emergency come up & had to cancel a babysitting job. (Luckily, they were able to move their date night to the next night, so it worked out anyway!) I had to cancel on a coffee date with a good friend recently as well! It doesn’t feel good to ‘flake’ and we all do it sometimes.
However, do value your time. Make time for your friends, family, love interests, and business associates. But don’t let someone else’s schedule dictate your life. You are your own person and you have a life too.

Jenni xx

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