A Car Doesn’t Always ‘Drive You’

Good evening, weary travelers.

Above, is a picture of one of the many montages I have placed strategically around my bedroom & bathroom. Whenever guests are over & use my bathroom, they often take a little longer than expected, claiming they were reading my list of ‘100 Dreams’ taped to the medicine cabinet or the different quotes of motivation I have penciled on the mirror with lipstick. Hey, it’s something that helps me. I’m in my bathroom first thing in the morning & it’s the last place I am before I get into my bed – so I have to stare at my list & quotes & pictures all of the time. Great reminders of what I am working for, and a picture keeps it in the forefront of my head. 

Without a dream, what are you working towards? True goals are spurred on by the passion of a dream. A dream is a significant, prominent, and necessary thing in any person’s life who has ever achieved anything ‘great’. We all dream when we are young, but unfortunately, the majority of the world has their dreams stomped out of them when they reach adulthood. 
Anyone ever heard the phrase, “Welcome to the real world,“?
I encourage everyone to find something that lights a fire & a passion in them and just run for it with all you got.  Remind yourself of it everyday. Dream about your dream. Until it’s so painful that you have to have it.
I once thought my dreams were of a gorgeous beach mansion on the coast of Hawaii, luxury clothes, and a beautiful new Maserati GranTorismo. But then I realized, that was just ‘the little bit extra’. The thought of a brand-spankin’-new Masterati was nice, but it didn’t drive me. I have a great car already! 
What I came to realize, is that a dream for me is more than just the material wealth. Of course, the car, the house, the vacation… those are HUGE parts. But I needed to find something bigger. Something that stirred a fire inside of me that I couldn’t put out. 
So, maybe the car is what ignites the firestorm for you! If so, run with it. If not, find something. Because without a passion, what is life? I’d rather be living, than simply surviving.
Jenni xx

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