Being Direct

As Fat Albert would say, “Hey, hey, hey!”

Here’s the deal: if someone says something directly to me that I think is bologna, I let them know what I think. By meekly staying silent, I am only inferring that I am okay with whatever has been said. So, if I’m not okay with it… how does this look for me?
 I have gotten called out on trash-talking, self-inflicting garbage coming from my mouth in the past. We all have. And I can bet more than once. I have also been blessed to grow up in a household that didn’t take my dumb excuses. I wasn’t ‘feeling well’ enough to go to school? “You’ll make it through your math exam, don’t worry.” I was too sore to go to dance practice? “If you lie there in bed, it will only feel worse tomorrow.” My hair is a disaster today. “Put on a hat.” I have no friends! “Stop throwing a pity party.” I am thankful for this. I said a lot of dumb stuff, especially in high school… sound like anyone you know? 😉
But some of the knuckleheads on this planet that usually speak quicker than they actually think need a wake-up call, in my opinion. If they’re offended… well, being offended is a personal choice. I don’t want to be an enabler for something I don’t approve of, simply because I refuse to give myself a stance. Facial expressions & body language aren’t enough… speak what you’re thinking & feeling. Talk your issues out. Express your discomfort with an idea or a statement. Offer up a different viewpoint. Work it out together instead of letting something eat away at you while you brood over it. I am not recommending to mow over others with your mac truck of opinion and rudely shut them down. Friends show friends respect, even when they disagree. Be kind, but direct. 
The only one that can read your mind is you! And God of course 😉
Goudacheese night!
Jenni xx

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