Card Sharks

It’s a late night, late post!

I spent my Friday night with some dear old friends… the Knott’s Scary Farm monsters! My mom & I have made a habit in the past five years of attending this annual fright fest and there are a few devilish ghouls that we see every single time. Our personal favorite is the ‘Card Shark’. We pay a few extra bucks to dine with the monsters before the event opens, and the Card Shark usually sticks with our table whole time. I had a kick out of showing him the pictures we took with him last year… he may have been a little creeped out. Hey, we like good food & entertainment!
Here’s the thing about Mr. Card Shark: He’s a freaky-looking guy. Prothestics, make-up, intense contact lenses, and sometimes making snarling noises… but he is probably one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. So this is a bit of a stretch because he is just a guy who has a fun job and needs to look and act scary on purpose, but who is to say this doesn’t apply in ‘real life’?
Outward attractiveness is, of course, all opinion. We all have different ‘prefrences’. So when see someone who doesn’t meet up to our own personally-set standard, do we judge? Do we automatically assume what they do with their free time? What they will say? What their voice will sound like?
The way a person appeals to the eye shouldn’t determine what kind of connection you will have with them. Therefore, not only should we be slow to judge – we should remember that of ourselves when we’re worrying about whether our hair looks perfect today or not.
Personality, a smile, a sense of humor, and a positive attitude trump physical ‘beauty’ on a negative person any day.
Goudacheese night!
Jenni xx

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