Cheerfulness & Teeth

Helllllo, again!

One, two, THREE days’ a charm! I’ve been a busy little bee but I’m happy to be back and writing/typing again!
I had a dentist appointment for a teeth cleaning yesterday afternoon and I’m going to be totally honest… I was anticipating hell on the way there. There was nothing I was looking forward to. All I could picture in my mind was mediocre music from the 90’s, dull-tasting fluoride, and an awkward open-mouthed discussion while blood seeped from my gums and they asked, “Have you been flossing?” – which in turn I would sheepishly gargle, “-ghhhmaybe,” back. Real positive attitude, right?
So I slunk my sorry-self through the front door, pity party in full-throttle, and began to sign myself in with a pen that was wrapped with a giant paper rose. The woman at the table raised her head from her computer and exclaimed in a way that startled me, “You must be Jennifer!” Her enthusiasm took me so off-guard that, can you believe it, I actually smiled.
The point of this is that her simple uplifting nature changed my own attitude almost instantly. It was contagious! I found myself making an effort to chit-chat (something I’m not entirely fond of) with all the assistants, even while they took x-rays of my head. I was making jokes, singing along with Oasis over the speakers, and I even forgot all the nervousness I was experiencing in the car minutes before. Everyone else in the office was having a great time too! Most notably, after my exam & cleaning (everything looked great!) the dentist began raising up my chair from the laying position. I immediately began humming the Darth Vader theme song from Star Wars, leaving him in a rather hilarious fit of giggles that was not something you’d expect out of a 50 year-old professional.
Because someone was able to put a smile on their face and change the tone of their voice, my whole outlook on the experience has changed. I rather enjoyed myself yesterday at the dentist! 
Cheerfulness can go a long way. πŸ™‚
Jenni xx

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