It is a contagious mentality when we don’t take responsibility for our own mistakes. Instead, it is found justifiable to blame the person pointing them out to us. Suddenly, there are no consequences. Everything we do is done selfishly.
Have you ever sat back and realized that everything we do has an outcome? And not just directed at you – your family, friends, and even strangers are affected by what happens in your life. Inevitably, someone will point out why you are in the situation your in. As emotionally painful as it may be, your big boy and big girl trousers need to be put on. Why complain when you can just shut your mouth and change things? Why point fingers when you can instead just prove someone wrong? They do say that the best revenge is success. And success is only that when you overcome those misgivings.


If you hold the mirror in front of someone long enough, they won’t blame what they see in the mirror for their shortcomings – they will blame you for holding it there.



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