Not So Sweet Revenge

Greetings & Happy Holidays!
‘Tis the season to wear a Santa hat to work, load up your plate with everything on the table, and warm your fuzzy-sock clad toesies by the fire with a warm mug of hot cocoa. The holidays are always my favorite time of year. I love the fun gatherings with friends & family as well as buying, or even better, making gifts for all of them. With Christmas less than a week away, I’m bubbling with excitement! However, the best part about this year is my little sister’s performance in The Nutcracker Ballet.
And this is where my story begins.
I was backstage during her rehearsal helping the little girls get dressed into their costumes. The head director of the ballet began lecturing me on the color of their bobby pins. It was dark on the wing, and I couldn’t quite make the difference between the black bobby pins & the brown bobby pins. I was slightly irritated, but instead of being confrontational I bowed out and apologized for my mistake. Once the girls went on stage, the director had come back and gave me the assignment of separating a large bin of bobby pins into three smaller containers: blonde, brown, and black. The patronizing tone in her voice while she explained to me the ‘blonde bobby pins go on blondes and brown bobby pins go on brunettes,’ was a bit ridiculous. But once again, I held my tongue and did as she asked.
After I had finished, she came over – with a flashlight – and checked my work. Somehow, in my dim-lit corner, I had mistaken a black bobby pin for a brown bobby pin again. With an exasperated sigh and a deliberate roll of the eyes, she picked it out, held it up to my face, and then put it in the bin. Walking away, she said loud enough so I could hear, “No wonder I’m the only one who does anything around here.”
Now, I was sick of this diva. So being fed-up and in a moment of complete impulse, I waited until she turned the corner. And then I scrambled all the bobby pins together, again. By sheer luck, my sister had just finished her rehearsal, so I packed her up and we left. I walked out the door with a smile on my face. This was my revenge! Now she would have to do all the separation herself, ha!
Then on the way home, it hit me. Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe the holiday season was rough on her. Or… maybe she was just a ridiculously presumptuous lady. Who knows. But my small seemingly harmless revenge was uncalled for. I’m a big girl who can handle any negative altercations and should have handled it like any adult.
The point of this whole story is that you don’t know someone else’s story. It’s the little things that irritate us the most and for most of us, those are the things that can alter our mood for the whole day.
Treat other people with kindness, even when they show you none. Maybe you’ll rub off on them.
– Jenni xx

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