“All of us have a great need and desire to be appreciated, valued and respected. All of us wonder whether anyone notices that we do. All of us are at least a little ‘insecure’ and need reinforcement. When we are given praise, we are empowered. When someone builds us up in public or offers a sincere compliment, our self-confidence soars and we will look for ways to stay around those who praise us.”

Here I am, again on the iPhone! That is a paragraph from a book written by Jim Dornan, a dear mentor. It is explained so simply and is such a clear view of each of us. It really speaks volumes.

A fake compliment is easily detected. It’s better to show a real interest in other people. Not only does it make them feel good – it will change you from the inside out! The more sincere interest we take in others, the more we learn to appreciate the people in our life OR recognize that we need a new set of friends…

But that’s a whole other blog for another day…

However, acknowledge your friends and families’ achievements and share in their joy. A sincere congratulations is not only effective, but cherished as well.

It means so much more than we realize.

– Jenni xx


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