Birds Of A Feather

Hello hello! iPhone blog again… I think I prefer writing from here because I’m able to blog on-the-go, wherever and whenever some sort of substantial thought or idea crosses my mind. I tend to forget if I only make a mental note. But I remembered in a previous post I mentioned how we may need to look at who we hang out with and how they effect our lives.

After all, birds of a feather do indeed flock together.

“Just because we connect better with some, or have a history with some, does not mean they are the kind with whom we can ultimately succeed with for the rest of our lives. This is why we must wisely choose those with whom we will spend our time.” – Jim Dornan

It’s a difficult lesson I have learned the hard way. No amount of friendship or attention will overcome purposeless or a lack of discipline in another person, trust me. No matter what the Hollywood cinemas say. It’s tough but slightly obvious that some of the people you may have associated earlier in your life are not exactly the ideal role models or most encouraging people.

It’s kind and understandable to stick around someone who you believe needs your help, but doesn’t take it. “Maybe it’s my fault and I need to work harder in helping them change.” Not necessarily true. Usually, when we invest our time in person(s) who are unwilling to improve their life, we will fall down the rabbit hole with them and wonder where we went wrong!

If you’re at a point in your life that is different than that of your past friends, that doesn’t mean you drop them, move on, and never speak to them again. Of course not! You will always love those close to you. But the people you invest your time in most… Make sure they are the people you are striving to become more like.

Not the people who you are trying to make more like you.

– Jenni xx


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