Even When My Voice Shook

Hello again 🙂

I came across some hilarious pictures deep in the hard drive of my laptop today and it brought back some good memories from middle school and high school. Lots of baby fat and super weird fashion statements. Most of them were touching on my total ‘scene’ phase freshman year of high school, really big hair, or the infamous myspace poses for your default pictures (think peace sign and duck face). Good times, good times.

But all of the other people in the pictures too! All of my old friends… I was cracking up at some of stories the photos told. Then I thought about how drastically different we all are now. Physically, but mentally as well.

I used to really dislike speaking what I truly felt. I was pretty shy at school sometimes and I kept to myself for the most part. I disagreed with a lot of what people said, but would keep my mouth shut. I wasn’t very good at defending what I believed in. I thought I was doing a service to people by avoiding an awkward or opposing conversation, but in reality I was only doing a disservice to both of us. I slowly grew out of that funk as high school went on… By the end of senior year I was almost a little too blunt. So one extreme can be handled a bit gentler than the other… Ha ha.

But its true when they say to speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. When it comes down the nitty-gritty, honesty is very important in friendships. Whether it looks like it’s effective right away or not.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind with understanding and gentleness. It even feels better on the inside when you do.

No need to be meek & weak! 🙂

– Jenni xx


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