Facebook or Faces

Have you ever sat back and really looked at the amount of people you have as Facebook friends? Holy guacamole… I know with some it gets ridiculous. There was a time when I would approve any and every friend request I had. Now I try to filter out only people I have actually came in real face-to-face contact with. This narrowed the numbers down substantially, but it is still an overwhelming amount. I know that I only contact with maybe 50-60 of them regularly. And that is still a lot. The hundreds of others are there because… why? To creep? To maybe connect with in the future? Just in case I run into them out and about? Just to look like we have a larger area of influence than we do in reality?

We have so many tools at our disposal when it comes to connecting with people. From the ‘Twitter-verse’ to smart phones that do virtually everything but walk your dog for you… we’re set. But, are we really making solid connections? The friends I have over the internet are great, but these friendships very rarely go beyond the world of social media outlets.

When you are behind Facebook instead of a real face, how often do you truly bond with someone? In order to grow as a person, real interaction with other people is essential. And as much as social media outlets are indeed great tools, they cannot substitute for a real relationship.

I myself am guilty of sustaining Facebook ‘friendships’ rather than real ones. However, nothing compares to actually sitting across from friend and being there physically as well as mentally (If we’re on the internet, there are millions of distractions.) I want to give my full undivided attention to the person I am connecting with. If I were to be truly honest and carve out an hour or two to just go through Facebook friends and remove those who are not a part of my life… I could delete hundreds. I’ve done it before. We all can do that.

But another alternative is to instead carve out time to get to know some of them better… rather than making assumptions of their life based on status updates and photo albums. Make some new friends or better yet, rekindle old friendships.

– Jenni


2 Comments on “Facebook or Faces

  1. I totally agree! I have many that I don't even connect with anymore, and they have become simply a familiar name that I once knew. The question becomes: is social media really connecting us all, or driving us farther apart because we no longer depend on face to face communication to build relationships? Yikes. Glad that our friendship exists outside the confines of the internet 🙂 xoxo

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