Let Your Music Ring

Here’s a topic I just can’t get enough of… CHANGE. “Change is fun when it’s done,” says Nancy Dornan. It’s true! Once we get whatever we need to alter in our life out of the way for the better, we typically feel happier. We tend to look forward to our future rather than dread it. But this is a rare experience in our lives, isn’t it? Even when it comes to extreme circumstances where we should take drastic action, the majority of us avoid change and instead hope to produce different results by continuing to make the choices we always have.
Here’s an example:

A few years ago, my grandfather passed away. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He continued to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day until the very day he died. He’s just one example of someone who faces a life or death situation and chooses to continue on the path that led him to there. It’s unfortunate, because my family lost a man who we all loved very much. But ultimately it was a decision no one could make but himself.

Scientific studies have done countless tests on people who are diagnosed with severe diseases who are given options to change their bad habits or improve their well-being. (I encourage you to read up on some of these amazing studies.) The vast majority of those people make the decision not to change a thing about their habits. Why is that? If we are literally told that we need to change or we will die, most of us choose death over change.  Maybe this is because we think we are that one out of a million case that beats the odds against us. Usually, that is not the outcome.

These life or death examples may seem a little extreme for most of us to incorporate or compare to our lives, but it can still be applied. If you are miserable and bored with your life, but refuse to change anything about it, just know this: If you can’t dream big and work to achieve something greater in your life, then you will settle and live a life of mediocrity until you finally die with your “music” still inside. As long as you are totally okay with that, then good on you!

Whether you acknowledge God as a huge part of your life or not, He’s there. And He is calling us in certain directions. But are you listening to Him?

So find your dream. Let that music ring out.

– Jenni



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