Your Inspiration

Faith. People. Music. Places.

These are all things that inspire us to do certain things or act certain ways. We all hear the stories of everyday heroes or listen to the epic ballads of powerhouse vocals. We see the high-definition photography of foreign lands and watch fireworks illuminate the sky on holiday. But some of the most touching inspirational stories are about the person who had all odds against them, shouldn’t have beaten them by typical standards, but came out on top anyway. Everyone loves an underdog with a comeback.

Why are we so enamored with this kind of story? It’s because we are all an underdog in some shape or form of our life. Our deepest rooted desire is to succeed in what we do and these stories provide us with one of the most important things that drives us – hope.

I am continually inspired by men and women with strong belief in the Lord and the incredible acts of faith they carry out. What inspires you?

Inspiration does not favor those who sit still – it dances with the daring.

– Jenni xx


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