5 Tips for a Healthy Dating Relationship

Some of it may seem cliche, but they really are important points. Unfortunately, they are also often missed.

I hope that if you are either pursuing a relationship or in the midst of a struggling one,  you can take away something constructive from these pieces of advice that were shared with me as well. I know that I’m working to improve myself everyday, too.

– Always Be Yourself
Pretending to act like the ‘type’ of person you think that the other person desires is a disservice to not only them, but yourself. If you feel the pressure to partake in activities you’re not comfortable with or undergo drastic physical changes, it is time to rethink your involvement with this person. None of us should be compelled to lie in order to keep another person’s company. You are not a buffer to fill someone else’s expectations. A true partner will love you – even the parts of you that you may not love, yourself. We are all uniquely created by God. So don’t be afraid of stepping out as the wonderful you.
– Share Similar Core Values and Interests
Now, having a diversity in interests is one of the exciting things about relationships. You learn new things and share exciting experiences with one another. But if all of your interests are different, you’ll find yourself in an on-going collision of where to go and what to do. A few common interests will balance it out in a healthy manner. Common values, on-the-other-hand, are a huge part of a relationship as it begins to gain some time. Our values, as the say, define us. Common values will therefore define your relationship.
– Explore Your Differences & Try New Things
They say, ‘opposites attract ‘… but they will eventually repel if you don’t find some sort of adjustment to each other. Compromise is key. This doesn’t mean depriving each other of individuality, but instead participating in their interests alongside them. Regardless of differences, learning to love the unique character the other brings to the table becomes something you look forward to. You will bring out the best of one another. And at worst, you will be their biggest cheerleader.
– Stay Away From the Negative Crowd
It may not seem obvious, but WOW – this is a big one. To be harmonious, both of you should have an understanding and agreement of who to keep at an arm’s length from your love life. Negative attitudes are contagious and stunt any growth the two of you will share. On the other end of the spectrum, positive love and affirmation from loved ones are very healthy within a relationship. These are the type of people you should gravitate towards.
– Laugh!
Laughter is the best medicine. With no joy in your relationship, there is really no hope. You’re supposed to look at your partner like they’re your best friend – what else to describe friendship than laughter! A sense of humor can go a long way, so brighten up the other’s day with a smile and find something to share some hearty belly laughs over. Works wonders over a bad mood, too.
– Jenni

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