A Powerful ‘Why’

I read a lot of books. The one I am currently delved into is Doing The Impossible by Patrick Bet-David.  You can purchase it here. Often when I’m reading, I come across an excerpt that I need to share. This tugged at my heartstrings.

“Big Mike and Little Mike have been best friends and neighbors their entire lives. Big Mike plays football for his school, but he is very lazy. His coach searches in vain for a way to motivate him and tap into his potential, but Big Mike seems content to do the bare minimum and ride the bench. Then one day right after practice, Little Mike is hit by a car right in front of Big Mike and dies in his friend’s arms. The coach expects Big Mike will need to take some time off from football to mourn the loss of his best friend. But just the opposite happens. Monday morning comes and Big Mike is on the field early, putting 110% into practice. Friday night’s big game comes and Big Mike asks his coach to start him in the game. He plays like his life depends on it; he gets six sacks, four interceptions, and the winning touchdown. At the end of the game, Big Mike’s coach comes up to him and asks, “What happened to you? I have never seen you play like that.” Big Mike explains that it was the first game that Little Mike ever got to watch him play. You see, Little Mike was blind and Big Mike wanted to play a great game for his friend looking down on him from heaven. Little Mike was the WHY that lit the fire under Big Mike.”

WOW, what a powerful story.

The point of it all is that mankind is lazy until something catches their heart. The ‘how’ is useless without the ‘why’. How many people do you know or hear of that are absolutely miserable, but surrounded by money? Too many, I can imagine.

Discover your ‘why’ and you’ll always find a ‘how.’

– Jenni xx


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