Bold Decisions

Too many times in the past I have taken advice from indecisive and frightened people. Taking council from someone who have no investment in my decisions emotionally, mentally, or physically is a destructive action. I am basically guaranteeing that whatever they tell me will be bad advice.

They may have good intentions (usually a misguided sense of ‘protecting me’) but often, they are hindering me. I need to make sure I take support and advice from someone who has already accomplished what I want to accomplish in my own life. Not from those who haven’t. The irony of it all is that those who haven’t accomplished what I want tend to be the loudest discouragers.

Don’t get me wrong, our families and friends love us. And we should always make time to spend with them and should love them dearly. But once we come head-to-head with major decisions in our lives, we need to be single-minded. I’m a huge believer in running my decisions by my mentors. But there are plenty of people in my life that are not the slightest-bit qualified for that role.

Have the courage to make bold decisions.

– Jenni xx



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