Making Every Day Count

Am I a passenger on a journey through time or am I an explorer on a mission of discovery?

This is the question I have to ask myself when stress sets in and I begin to feel overwhelmed with the whirlwind life around me. It’s easy to sit back and be a casual observer. But embracing the opportunity each day to be an active participant is what makes things exciting! Watching life from the sidelines will only morph into regret.

There have been several influential people I’ve met in my short lifespan who have passed away recently. It was physically apparent on a few of them, but mentally and emotionally they were on fire! Those who had traveled, spoke up for a cause, stayed in touch with their friends, and strived to make every day count were the ones who said, “Don’t take pity on me. I am happy and healthy and I have lived my life to the fullest.”

Making every day count takes more than well-meaning intentions. It takes dedication and a thirst for something more. So get actively involved in life! Finds ways to make your day worthwhile. Go places you have gone to before, laugh out loud, and hang out with the people who you actually enjoy spending time with.

Make every day count so you get the most out of what life has to offer. I’m cheering you on. 🙂

– Jenni


One Comment on “Making Every Day Count

  1. This is nice. I really appreciate this, as I am contemplating "seizing the day" at 6:35 am. I've never followed a blog before, but I might have to check back on yours from time to time. It is also refreshing because I do not know you outside of this blog and I can't have ill feelings due to hypocrisy. This reminds me of the movie 'Yes Man' when Jim Carrey goes to the yes convention and says, "I'm just auditing." Thanks Jenni, I hope you have a good day too.

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