5 Tips to Overcome the ‘Everyday Stress’

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14
Sometimes, there are just too many priorities to handle. “Just take a day off,” sounds like the last thing you should do and the stress is overwhelming. I know the feeling. I’ve balanced college, three jobs, a business, and everything in-between and boy, there were times where I didn’t think I’d make it through the day without having a breakdown! Ha! Since then, the schedule has calmed down quite a bit.
However, here are a few things that have made a huge turnaround regarding my stress levels and I’d like to share them with all of you.
Taking long walks
It has been long proven that physical exercise releases endorphins, a natural hormone in our brain that makes us feel pleasure. But instead of a crazy and strenuous workout every morning, substitute one of those days with a long walk. Grab some sunnies and a hat . Get some fresh air and explore your city/neighborhood. Even at an easy-going pace, you’ll have a great workout.
– Keep a tidy office/room
It is so easy to create a disarray of chaos in the places we spend most of our time. But it is also very easy to keep it neat! All it takes is a little bit of awareness when moving from activity-to-activity. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Stay focused, and only put things away once.
– Do the difficult tasks first thing in the morning
There are always things that aren’t important or urgent, yet they are way more fun to deal with. It’s very tempting to procrastinate the things that we know we have to do but would rather do later. Save yourself the endless dread. Get the stressful stuff out of the way, then spend the rest of your day doing the things you truly enjoy. You’ll go to bed happier.
– Reward yourself
Some may disagree with me, but I’m a supporter of the reward system. Grant yourself a piece of chocolate or a nap, etc. But only if you get done with real work. It makes those rewards so much sweeter. Don’t make a habit of rewarding yourself for doing nothing in the first place!
– Write things down
Keep a notepad on your desk or in your glovebox. Sticky notes. Use Siri or voice recordings if you have to. We are asked to do and remember so many things during the day that we easily overwhelm ourselves and forget. Cut yourself some slack and let the notepad remind you.
I hope some of these can make a difference in your busy life too!
– Jenni
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