I’m So Sorry

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32
Everyone’s favorite thing to say to one another: “I’m… sorry.”
There are those who overuse the word. They will say it just to get someone to shut up. It can be thrown around so often that it is rarely genuine. On the other end of the spectrum, telling someone ‘I was wrong and I am sorry’ is like inflicting physical pain upon oneself. It can seem as if apologizing is equal to losing a great battle. As though saying that you are sorry is admitting weakness. Here is a great example of how it is quite the opposite.
Last night, I was in an airport waiting by the rest room with the rest of my party’s bags while they took care of their business when I overheard a conversation nearby at the gift shop. Naturally, I eavesdropped. A young man and woman were angrily bickering, from what I could tell, about something ridiculous. He had interrupted her while she was on the phone and she couldn’t understand what he was saying in the noisy airport and he was upset that she didn’t understand and… you know how it goes.
After a few heated exchanged words and intense glaring, the man turned around and gave her the cold shoulder. She rolled her eyes and left her bag at his feet to head for the restroom. While she disappeared, the man picked up her bag and slung it over his shoulder and started wandering around the book section in the gift shop. He paused and looked at one of the ‘featured’ selections on the shelf. In big bold letters was When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up. I almost laughed out loud as I watched him stare at the book, sigh, and pull out his wallet. 
After purchasing the book, he walked over and leaned against the wall across from me. He was already flipping through the pages when the young woman came out of the restroom. She walked over without looking at him and held out her hand, as though waiting for him to give her back her bag. Instead, he grabbed her and pulled her closer. “I was wrong. And I am so sorry.” 
She looked at him and smiled. “It’s okay. I am sorry, too.” When he held up the book and explained he thought that it was a probably a necessary read for him, she laughed and they walked down the terminal hand-in-hand.
How would that plane ride have been if there were no apology? A rough one, I’d imagine. 
Now think of all the people you have refused to apologize to, even if it wasn’t ‘entirely your fault‘. 
How much turbulence has the lack of forgiveness caused in your relationships? Unlike what OneRepublic preaches, it is not too late to apologize. Forgiveness isn’t guaranteed, but pent up animosity does nobody any good.
– Jenni

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