My Perfect Day

There is no obnoxious alarm clock. I roll over instead of getting out of bed right away and snooze until I’m ready to get up. There is a warm breeze rolling through my open veranda and my bed is cozy with a full duvet and feather-soft pillows.

When I finally decide to stand up, I’m able to turn on some music and go sit on my balcony overlooking the mountains and the ocean. I meditate and have quiet time. A warm cup of tea and a book is next to start my day. I then head on down to breakfast where a private chef prepares me a delicious meal. My space is modern, yet homey. I begin planning for my next traveling experience – knocking out details and figuring out what exactly I’m going to check off my bucket list on that trip. Next, I get some fresh air and jog to the nearest hiking trail where I spend the majority of my morning hiking and checking out the spectacular views of the ocean, mountainside, and clear skies. When I get back to my home, I shower and pick out an outfit I’ve never worn before and choose between the Range Rover or the Porshe Panamera to drive that day. I head into town to meet up with some business associates to plan out new goals and drive initiatives forward. I spend some time at a local coffee shop writing my book and consulting with my publisher. I do some shopping for myself, friends, and family. For dinner, I enjoy a home-cooked meal prepared by my chef and work on my brother’s book and non-profit organization. That night, I retreat to my home theater and watch a movie with a warm blanket and a bowl of chocolate-cherry frozen yogurt. I have my quiet time with God and go to sleep without worrying about what I have to get done in the morning.

I’m committed to creating my perfect day into a reality.

What’s your perfect day?

– Jenni


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