My Poem To Them

Poetry is a beautiful form of communication. It’s a unique subject. One could write a ballad, a sonnet, a haiku, or a dramatic monologue and it would all still fall under the same category: poetry. I have a whole journal dedicated to poetry and I thought I’d share a simple poem I wrote few years ago.

To the doctor who saved my life, to the teacher that fed my brain.

To the opposition that created strife, to the dreams that broke my chain.

To the boy that led me on, to the girls that called me fat.

To the sun as it begins to dawn, to the horizon that lies flat.

To the memories that last, to the birds that soar high.

To my giant senior class, to the hero-turned-bad-guy.

To the music that opened my heart, to the emotions that shut it tight

To the pain of falling apart, to the love that made it right.

To the brother who teaches me new things, to the sister who hugs my thighs.

To the enemies who try to clip my wings, to the friends who dry my eyes.

To the parents who have guided me along the way, to the food that makes me full.

To the man who loves me and chooses to stay…

And to God, who makes me whole.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” – Robert Frost

– Jenni


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