The Importance of Creativity

This morning I sat on the cool concrete underneath the warmth of the rising sun, waiting patiently for my package that was scheduled to arrive within the hour. My iTunes radio was streaming throughout my smart phone, the sweet melodies of Norah Jones filling the air as I sipped my first cup of joe, and I was suddenly struck with a bit of inspiration.

For the past week or so, I’ve been struggling with my brainstorming sessions. I’ve been lacking the usual enthusiasm I have to share with anyone who is interested in reading a blog that, as of late, updates only every other week. (whoops) However, in the early hours of daylight, it occurred to me that my creativity isn’t restricted. Further, I usually direct whatever originality I can muster into words and translate that onto paper, but that doesn’t mean it has to be my only avenue. The same goes for you!

We usually focus in on one outlet that provides a passage to channel creativity. It is easy to neglect the other areas of our life that appeal to our innovative natures. While we may be swayed one way or the other with the old homage of being ‘right or left brained’, creativity is still a large part of our lives. We create relationships, expressions of art, words, sentences, and solutions with our original minds. That vision is so often overlooked by our own selves.

What matters is that we are expressing our individualities. Sometimes that means formulating our uniqueness with different methods. Frequently, I find myself frustrated when it comes to my favorite inventive route: writing. But instead of beating my head on my laptop until I can think of something clever, I should take a break. sit at the piano, whip up a new recipe, or try a new routine at the gym…

Whatever approach you take, give yourself a break when you’re stuck on that essay or you just can’t hit the right high notes. Creativity is rarely forced.

– Jenni


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