3 Important Things to Remember as Summertime Peeks Around The Corner

Summertime is on it’s way! Or, at least where I live, it feels like it is already here.

And ah… what a time of year it is! School’s out, tacky Christmas sweaters are in storage, windows are rolled down, iced coffee is no longer frowned upon and leftover marshmallows and pizza are served for breakfast…

There are plenty of positives about summer time. But sometimes we forget to mention the lurking dangers.

1. Apply sunscreen. Apply sunscreen. Let me repeat: APPLY SUNSCREEN.

“But I want to be TAN!” they cry into the night. Well, me too. But burning your epidermis isn’t going to keep you cooked like a sea crustacean for long. After sitting around like Larry the Lobster for a few days (in severe pain, mind you) your skin will slightly darken, sure. Then it peels. The largest organ on your body is so damaged that it literally falls off your body in shame. So wear sunscreen appropriately. You don’t want to have a higher chance of a mysterious mole showing up on your back in a few years. If you’re adamant about the achieving a bronzed look, then say your prayers, visit the spray-tanning booth, and hope for the best. Better to look ‘sun-kissed’ than ‘sun-hickeyed.’

2. If you’re into alcohol consumption, be smart about it.

Sitting in the hot sun all day, swigging cheap beer along mixed margaritas and sustaining your food consumption by nibbling on the pineapple wedge on the side of the glass is not exactly the wisest thing to do. Eat properly and making sure you’re drinking water as well.

3. Do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle unless you are SOBER. Do not drink and drive.

Well, this applies year-around, but seems to be on the rise during the warmer, school-free, party-hard months. I’ve watched good-intentioned people throw back a bit too much brew only to have to have their car keys wrestled out of their hands. If you know you’re going to be driving a huge automobile that has been known to cause serious damage and bodily harm when operated by both competent and impaired individuals, you need to set a boundary for yourself. Putting yourself in harm’s way is bad enough, not to mention everyone else in the car and all of the people around it.

And this was a public service announcement. Thank you!

– Jenni


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