5 Things You Won’t Regret In a Few Years


Once we solve a problem there always seems to be a new one waiting in the wings. Sometimes we make a firm decision on how to handle the situation. Sometimes that decision haunts us in our sleep. Sometimes we are so paralyzed with fear of the unknown that we avoid making a decision at all.

Rest assured, not much is guaranteed in life. But as anybody who has experienced a lot of life will share, there are plenty of worries and woes that can be dwelled over when we’re young that, with time and perspective, wouldn’t be given a second thought.

1.  Ending a toxic relationship.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Usually, the relationship that is hurting us is one that we’ve maintained for a long period of time. We can feel a false sense of ‘something owed’ to an individual or a group of people that may not be very supportive or fun to be around. The reality is that people and circumstances change – including us. Distancing yourself from a situation that makes you unhappy or hinders you from moving forward may feel difficult in the moment but it will also lift a heavy load off of your shoulders. It’s not always a pretty split but it may prove beneficial for everyone involved.

2. Saying no to plans when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

We as a community need to learn how to say ‘no’ and leave it at that. We can spread ourselves so thin by trying to please everyone and be everywhere that we forget that we need a rest too. If the night is young and the day was long, don’t beat yourself over telling your friends you want to have a night in to rest. Gracefully decline a few babysitting jobs in order to focus on something that has been pulling at your heart.

3. Apologizing first.

Sometimes you may not even get one in return. But holding grudges does absolutely nothing but eat away at our peacefulness. Hate breeds in a vengeful heart. Take the high road and embrace forgiveness, knowing that the brief stab at our pride is much less painful than the steady drip of poison we give ourselves while dwelling in anger.

4. Spending quality time with your loved ones without your smartphone in hand.

Just put it away. There is something very degrading about trying to have a conversation with someone who is consumed with their Twitter feed. Put your phone in your pocket while you’re at the dinner table. Save your iPhone snapshots and upload them to Instagram when you aren’t busy. Interact with your friends and family – they will actually love you back. Even Siri doesn’t. (Just ask her.)

5. Finishing something that you started.

Whether it is marathon goal or a simple short story, the first step is always the hardest. But the second first step is sometimes equally challenging. Find courage to revamp that project that inspired you to move mountains. You’ll look back and be proud of what you can accomplish on a second wind.

– Jenni


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