A Challenge: Dream Bigger Than Life

When we are young, dreams were normal and expected.

“Mommy, I’m going to be the most graceful ballerina in the world.”

“Daddy, I’m going to fly to the moon!”

“Teacher, I’m going to build myself a beautiful home and I’m going to put in a pool with a huge waterslide!”

Adults will pat your head and smile at your words. We claim that these children have a ‘big imagination’. Why? Is it because it isn’t as easy to destroy an innocent child’s dreams as it is to squash the dreams of your friends?

Encouragement and kind words don’t cost anything and they accomplish so much. Just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

I took the challenge to write out my dreams; even the ones that seemed silly. And I challenge you, too! Uplift the ones you love – remind them that you have their back.

People who are told they can never walk again begin to take baby steps everyday. So, what’s stopping you?

– Jenni


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