Compliments: Accepting Rather Than Rejecting Them

A few weeks ago, I wrote about compliments – what we say and why we say it. Here is the flip-end of that post. Compliments – accepting them rather than rejecting them.

Accepting a compliment can be mistakenly viewed as a sign of arrogance. Instead, we need to understand and decipher what accepting a compliment is really about… and why some of us are in constant denial of uplifting sentiments.

Are you prone to match a compliment?

You may be a bit of a people-pleaser. There’s a difference between being genuine and clambering to prove that you don’t deserve a compliment as much as the other person does. A compliment is beautiful and it is also a gift. Be thankful.

Do you ignore compliments?

Different upbringings, different work environments, different family values, different relationships… there are all sorts of reasons why some are used to compliments and others are spooked by them. Recognize them! When someone says something nice, acknowledge it. Let them know positive opinions are valued.

Do you equate modesty to denial?

A humble heart is a virtue. Modesty in itself is a wonderful and valued thing. However, when taken to the extreme, it is like a punch to the face of someone who truly values you. There is nothing quite like someone who refuses to accept a positive affirmation you are trying to give them. Recognize your strengths and express gratitude to those who point them out to you. Modesty is found in thankfulness.

Are you always suspicious that they are lying to you?

It is a well-known fact that there will be people out there who manipulate, lie, and exaggerate for selfish gain. Know that although there are always exceptions, most people mean well. When you smile at the world, the world tends to smile back. Make genuine compliments yourself and watch how others begin to treat you. The golden rule!

So… what is the best response?

A smile… and a thank you! Don’t be afraid of compliments… they are supposed to fill you up!

Be humble, accepting, and loving – especially of yourself.

– Jenni


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