7 Small Life Moments to Be Happy About

There is a belief floating around out there that happiness is a ‘thing.’ A physical or theoretical status we are seeking out. And when we find it, BAM. All the bad times and tough situations fly out the window.

This just isn’t so.

Happiness isn’t a thing. It’s a process. And for a lot of people, it’s a mental process that feels like climbing Mt. Everest. The happiest people in the world still have the bad days. ‘The pits’, although deeper and wider for some, are a universal place. And few can easily climb out on their own.

Here are a few small and simple slices of life that can be truly cherished. Each have the potential to kick start the life-long journey on the road OF (not to) happiness…

– Seeing loved ones smile.
The best part about happiness is that when you share in someone else’s, they don’t lose any. In this case, feed off someone’s joy because it only magnifies. There is nothing to gain by aggressiveness and selfishness so let the delight of others reflect back onto you.

Mentoring a child.
Being the example is being the leader. Most children seek guidance and it’s such a special feeling knowing that you may be of service in paving a bright future for a person with so much life ahead of them.

– Being consulted & trusted.
Being asked for advice is being valued. Your opinion matters. Put thought and meaningfulness behind your words. Be compassionate and know that kindness is instinctive after humility is presented.

– Seeing our advice fare well.
Find satisfaction in sharing with others. We may not always be right or make the smart decision, but wanting the best for others is a way of loving them.

– Being accepted.
Make people feel included. We are unique individuals and those who are different than you deserve a voice. Appreciate those differences – the world would be very boring if we all thought, looked, and acted the same.

– Feeling appreciated.
Somebody loves you. And let the ones you love know it.

Listening & learning from someone who has already been through what you’re going through.
Listen. Learn. Find a mentor that is willing to help you and can properly do so. Show empathy to those who are going through what you can’t fully understand. Be gracious with people who want to help but don’t fully know how to.

Kindness and happiness are not instincts we are born with. We are inherently quick-tempered, self-centered, and emotional as infants. These attributes are learned. We must be kind to ourselves and to others.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. Be gentle with others. And try to be gentle with yourself.

“You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand supported me, and your gentleness made me great.” Psalm 18:35

– Jenni


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