3 Top Priorities of a Goal Digger

Yep, you read that right. I confess.

I’m a total goal digger.

love setting new goals and following through with them. In fact, I have an entire journal dedicated specifically to my goals and their progress. (I also have a personal diary, a work journal, a dream diary, a fiction-writing journal… etc, You get the point.) There is something very gratifying about accomplishing a project that has been planned out hours, days, or even months beforehand.

But, it isn’t always easy. Here are my three top priorities when I’m setting a new goal for myself.

1. Get specific.

So, say that you want to travel the world and visit all sorts of exotic places. You can’t stop there! There’s a difference between a dream and a goal. Now would be the time to start asking yourself the detailed questions: Will you travel alone or with somebody else? How will you fund your explorations? When do you want to begin traveling? Why do you want to travel? What do you have to do now in order to have the time to travel the world? Where do you want to go first? When you say ‘all sorts of exotic places’, do you mean Tahiti? Lake Como? Florida? Remember: Your answers are yours – so don’t let the questions scare you. Build your dream, answer the hard questions, and begin your planning.

2. Break up long term goals with short term goals.

Once you answer the above questions, set smaller goals to arrive at those answers. Something my parents taught me when I used to complain about reading school textbooks was to reward myself after reading two pages with an m&m. It may sound silly now, but when I was a kid in elementary school… it drove me to become a top-student. Admittedly, m&m’s won’t motivate everyone (or maybe it will…ha-ha) but allowing yourself a reasonable token of ‘congratulations’ whenever you finalize a goal can prove very helpful. More accomplishment, more motivation.

3. Record goals on paper or audio and keep them close.

Not everyone is a ‘goal-journal’ type of person. So if you aren’t the ‘writing type’, here’s the only other option I’d recommend – record yourself on either audio or video saying your goals out loud. The point isn’t either-or; there needs to be a way that you are able to either read or listen to your goals every morning and every night. It’s just like keeping tabs on your weekly schedule by using a calendar or an app on your smart phone. If you don’t have it down, you will inevitably forget and the days, months, and years will keep rolling by. There are way too many unspoken dreams and unaccomplished goals in graveyards today.

All in all, don’t be ‘too busy’ to sit down and challenge yourself with setting a goal. What have you got to lose?

– Jenni


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