Checking Our Blind Spots

It’s never okay to cut someone else off while you’re driving. I mean, unless it’s you and it was just a harmless maneuver, right?

Sometimes we are so aware of everyone’s weaknesses and mishaps but so blind of our own. They say hindsight is 20/20, so in what ways can we improve ourselves before a misstep?

Know your strengths.

If we’re completely unaware of our strengths, how can we be attentive to our vulnerabilities? Focus on what you’re good at and be mindful of what you struggle with.

Be respectful of others and their differences.

Its textbook – the fastest way to make someone defensive is to point a finger at them. When most people are accused of acting or being a certain way, it’s almost a reflex to look for something in the other person to bring out their insecurities. The aggressive approach isn’t always the wisest.

Cool off.

In the heat of the moment, we can say and do irrational things. So think before you speak and take a step back. Fall into solution mode instead – confrontation, although an effective tool when appropriate, is not always the right avenue for resolution. Turning the other cheek isn’t easy, but it can be worth it.

– Jenni


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