3 Thoughts of a Risk-Taker

New opportunities are exciting, but embracing them can be a challenge for many people. And sometimes, on the brink of a new adventure, we have to give ourselves a ‘mind-makeover’ of sorts.

What are some of the statements you use on yourself to avoid taking a risk?

“I don’t want to make mistakes.”

Without a mishap or two, why would we change? How could we evolve into being ‘better’? Instead, try thinking, “In order to grow, I have to make mistakes.”

“The timing isn’t right.”

The reality is, you may never feel entirely confident about making a risky move. But taking that chance and making that move may be what you need to find that confidence. So instead, try thinking, “The timing will never be perfect – making it always the perfect time.”

“I don’t want to fail and regret it.”

Depends on what you classify as a failure. If you go about a project or venture intelligently but still fall short of success, there can still be some merit to your efforts. Don’t be afraid of your leaps of faith. Instead, think, “I’ll regret not trying at all.”

– Jenni


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