10 Changes I’ve Made (And For You to Consider)

Do you ever look back at the small seemingly insignificant decisions you made to bring you where you are today?

These decisions may feel like nothing in the moment and typically the changes we want aren’t immediately evident. But with consistency and a good attitude about the future, big and positive advances in life are on their way.

Here are some areas of life that offer up great opportunities to start making small modifications in our typical routine.

Personal Growth

– Read 10 pages of something empowering every single day.

– Switch out a few songs on the treadmill or while driving to work for a podcast or an audiobook.

Physical Wellness

– Commit to eating  breakfast… even if it’s a light one.

– If you watch TV, utilize commercial time for sit-up time. Or push-ups. Or lunges. Or squats. Burpees, if you’re really daring. Get your blood moving when you’re at your laziest!


– Whether it be prayer, meditation, etc… dedicate 10 minutes of your morning to something greater than yourself.

– Take a minute or two before you go to bed to write down how you’re feeling.


– Once a week, reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. (by Facebook message, phone call, or snail mail… whatever you choose.)

– Choose to smile and say ‘hello’ to strangers. (NO, not like a creep. Just choose to be pleasant. Don’t make strangers suffer your bad attitude.)

Family Matters

– Remind your family that you love them, regularly. Out loud.

– Challenge yourself to turn the other cheek when you’re feeling attacked and instead of confronting someone in front of the rest of the family, calmly address your frustrations in private.


Don’t look back saying, “I wish I had.” Instead, look back at your journey saying, “I’m so glad I did.”

After all, a pebble in the pond is all it takes for a ripple to begin.

– Jenni


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