Chasing A White Rabbit

Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland. And well, if you don’t I suggest you open up Lewis Carroll’s classic novel or break out the popcorn and watch one of Disney’s versions. Nevertheless, the tardy White Rabbit is an iconic character.

As a refresher, Alice is a young and curious girl who follows a mysterious white rabbit wearing a pocket watch and a waistcoat into a rabbit hole – launching her into the mystical world of Wonderland. She encounters all sorts of excitement and peril, meeting new friends and foes alike. When she escapes the vicious Queen of Hearts and makes her way back home, she fondly recalls her trip to Wonderland and back, sharing her story with her sister.

In the end, The White Rabbit lead her on an adventure of a lifetime.

So, what is your White Rabbit?

Your White Rabbit is the thing you’re chasing. The goal, the item, the… well, whatever. It’s something that you really want.

Sometimes, it feels like we’re chasing more than one White Rabbit. And the irony is, if you’re chasing two White Rabbits, you will very rarely catch either.

As someone who has tried and failed at chasing dozen of rabbits at once, it’s easy now to realize that you can’t put one hundred percent into something when you’re stretching yourself many different ways.

As partial as I am to step-by-step, 1-2-3, how-to posts… there’s really only two things I can say to people who are struggling to pick a direction for their life.

1. Figure out what you want.

2. Do it.

No special key. No secret program. Just a simple decision. A decision requires commitment. But once you’ve truly committed, the bumps in the road are merely that – bumps.

Go chase your White Rabbit.

– Jenni


3 Comments on “Chasing A White Rabbit

  1. Very well said! May I add a bit of wisdom which may be useful in trying to figure out what you want to do as a career or means to make money to support yourself. Create a Venn Diagram with one circle showing the things you enjoy, love, are good at, are passionate about, etc. (basically things that make you happy and fulfilled). Then a circle with the jobs within your reach through experience, education, contacts, or both. The part that overlaps is where you will find a selection work opportunities that will lead to a happy and productive YOU!

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