5 Life Lessons I Would Share With My Younger Self

1. Emotion is NOT weakness.

Women are often paired with the negative stereotype of being ‘overly-emotional’. Men are often called derogatory slurs pertaining to women when they show emotion. The hard reality is that too many young people come to believe that emotions are a sign of weakness.

You are allowed to feel. You are not weak. Your emotions make you strong.

2. Use your voice.

Speak up and speak the truth. Help others share their stories as well as sharing your own. “Speak the voice, even when your voice shakes.”

3. Toxic relationships are not your burden to bear.

Stop trying to fix the people you call friends. However difficult it may seem in the moment, you will thank yourself for keeping drama at an arm’s length. Don’t invest all of your time with people who don’t love or support you; there are plenty of other people on earth.

4. Food is a friend.

Food isn’t an enemy. It nourishes you and keeps you strong. Choose healthier options as often as you can, but don’t associate feelings of guilt or embarrassment because of a basic human necessity. Don’t celebrate turning down meals. Food is a fuel, and you are a bright, burning flame.

5. Comparison is a thief of joy.

Comparison is bias, deceptive, and destructive. Jealousy is a slow poison, and it rots people from the inside-out. You have value and gifts to share with others. Respect differences and work to be the very best version of YOU.

– Jenni


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