50 Little Pick-Me-Ups

Here are 50 little ideas when you need to cheer yourself up.

  1. Read a book. (or SparkNotes a classic if you’re ‘too busy to read’)
  2. Write. A monologue, a poem, a short story, an essay…
  3. Sing loudly in the car. The shower. The acoustics of an empty hallway. Sing acapella.
  4. Look them in the eye and tell someone you love, “I love you.” Yes, out loud!
  5. Hydrate. You’re a walking water balloon – fill yourself up.
  6. Dare to say, “yes.”
  7. Don’t be afraid to say, “no.”
  8. Cut out some magazine pictures and make a dream collage. Snip out some words or vacation destinations & go to town.
  9. Write something encouraging on your bathroom mirror in red lipstick. Or black eyeliner. Or dry-erase marker.
  10. Thank your parents. Whether with flowers, pizza, or an ol’fashioned bear hug. (trust me, the hug is most effective.)
  11. Congratulate someone on their success. Their new baby, their marriage, their choice of shoe.
  12. Get out and get some fresh air. The room you watch Netflix in is getting a little stale.
  13. Pick some flowers and decorate your desk. (If they belong to your neighbor’s front yard, just be quick about it.)
  14. Deep condition your hair and massage that scalp.
  15. Wash your face with something other than the same handtowel you wipe your mouth of toothpaste with.
  16. Dress up like you’re about to meet the love of your life. (and leave the house… maybe you will.)
  17. Day dream a little… this isn’t your middle school history class. No one will slap your desk with a ruler
  18. Donate the clothes in your closet you don’t wear anymore. The dust in your closet technically isn’t vintage.
  19. Cook/bake something you’ve never tried before. It doesn’t have to be amazing the first time.
  20. Wear your favorite perfume/cologne. Bask in your cloud of glory.
  21. Drizzle your favorite topping over ice cream. Chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles, peanuts, caramel… what have you!
  22. Step out of your comfort zone. Figuratively and literally. Yes, put the pajamas away.
  23. Wear your fuzy socks while you get ready in the morning. Keep those toes warm!
  24. Laugh often.
  25. Plan your dream vacation… and consider buying a ticket. Seal the deal.
  26. Write a letter to your younger self. Tell them what you wish you had heard. (or listened to.)
  27. See a movie, solo. There is something very liberating about not sharing the popcorn.
  28. Let your hair go natural. No hair dryer, no iron, no product. Let the beast loose.
  29. Drink tea with lunch. Unconventional, yet classy and cultured all the same.
  30. Drink hot chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon before bed. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards!
  31. Put your phone of silent. That thing is going to take over your life if you don’t silence it.
  32. Look up a quote and memorize it. Preferably something empowering.
  33. Blog. Hop on the bandwagon – us bloggers are a riot!
  34. Pick up an instrument. The only way to go is up!
  35. Ask for help when needed. Don’t be a stubborn lad/lass.
  36. Call your grandparents. Thank them for being awesome human beings.
  37. Pray.
  38. Meditate.
  39. Exercise.
  40. Window shop. No impulse buying.
  41. People watch and only say positive things about them. That person is a Noble Peace prize winner, a great spelling bee champion, a world-renowned guacamole artist… etc.
  42. Finish your to-do list. Especially the things at the bottom that you’ve been purposefully putting off.
  43. Buy a friend their coffee. Do that, ‘let’s go out for coffee and just hang out’ thing.
  44. Send a nice text/email out of the blue. Make someone smile.
  45. Tell a joke. Make a pun. Belly-laugh through the entire thing, ruin the punch line, or deadpan it.
  46. Take some photographs. Selfies, of your shoes, the sky, your lunch. The ones who complain about Instagram pictures being similar are the ones who wasting enough time on there to care.
  47. Recycle. Be nice to your home.
  48. Stretch. Make some embarrassing noises while you do.
  49. Treat yo’self. Drive to the store and get that bag of dark chocolate-covered acai-blueberries.
  50. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Everything is going to be okay. Look at you, you are awesome.”

– Jenni xo


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