One Year Later: A Challenge

One year ago today, I sketched out a rough one-year plan.

In one of my many raggedy journals (I can never seem to have enough), I listed exactly who I planned to be in 365 days. I described how I looked, dressed, acted, felt, what I had accomplished, who I had surrounded myself with, my relationships… Let’s just cut to the chase and say I filled up four or five pages worth of dreams and goals I had previously only pondered over in the shower or mused over while staring at the ceiling while trying to get to sleep. What I didn’t expect when I had started the list, was that it would turn out to be quite the exercise.

When I began to write, and physically see what I wanted in life… everything became a little clearer. The hazy ‘what-if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’ were suddenly ‘I am becoming’ and ‘I will be’s’. My life still felt like a kaleidoscope; all of the patterns of challenges and multiple paths were still laid out in front of me. However, as when you rotate a kaleidoscope, the vision was different. More interesting. Exciting.

I challenge you to paint a picture (either literally or with words) of yourself. Define who you want to be one year from today.

1. Get specific.

2. Get creative.

3. Get excited.

You can be the best version of you. You are worthy. You are capable. Keep growing!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

– Jenni xo


2 Comments on “One Year Later: A Challenge

  1. I started writing down my goals about 2 years ago. They started out as a simple list. Each morning I’d read through each one until I had a clear plan of what I wanted. Over time I found that I had met many of them and a few weren’t as important as I thought they were. Overall, it has helped me immensely. Good entry! -Thomas

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