6 Questions To Ask When Receiving Advice

There are a lot of people out there who are more than willing to share what they think and believe; about the government, their job, and the world around them. But even more are those who are willing to tell you what they think about you and what you should do with your life. Open the door and people will line up to give you advice, if you let them.

And apparently… being a blogger who is writing a post giving advice on how to deal with advice-givers… so am I!

Most mean well, and there are plenty of friends family, and even strangers who will inspire you to take certain actions in your life that greatly improve your journey. However, you may find yourself falling into the habit of taking every bit of advice someone gives you, even when they are conflicting arguments. And in the process, you lose a little of what makes you, you.

Next time you are offered up a bit of ‘wisdom’, (including from bloggers like myself… *cough*) ask yourself a couple questions:

1. How well do you know them?

2. How well do they know you?

3. Are they happy?

4. Are they successful by your standards?

5. Do they care about what happens to you?

If the answer to most of the questions are positive answers, then weighing their advice is probably a wise decision to make. If not, you may want to take a second thought at blindly accepting unsolicited advice.

So yes, I’m even talking about blogs! (may I reiterate, including my own.) Go to someone you admire who cares for you and your future and reevaluate any advice you may receive.

But remember: in the end, the choice is always your own.

– Jenni xo


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