3 Tips to Avoid Future Face-Palming

Have you ever looked back a couple months before and remembered something you did or said and just… cringed? It may not have even been a rude action or dumb comment… maybe it was just a situation where you would react completely different  if it were to happen again today.

Is there a way to combat the kind of face-palming in the future?

Well, there’s no sure-fire way. But there are some quality pieces of advice to help navigate a person through the tough situations, therefore giving someone more room to grow without too much incident.

1. Become a good listener.

Don’t try to form a response while another person is still answering your question. Really take a moment to listen. Don’t be afraid of a pause that hangs in the air after they are finished; take a moment to articulate a response. When we process what we are being told, we are more likely to be clear and concise. Conversations are best when there is a mutual respect.

2. Stretch your mind. 

Surround yourself with a group of people who challenge you in a positive manner. Make your circle of influence a group of people who you admire in different ways so that you may continue to learn from them how to better your life, and each other’s. When someone suggests a new idea, give it the merit it deserves.

3. Ask yourself, “can I do more and can I do better?”

There are no limits to how much you can grow and change as a person. Consider methods of improvement you haven’t previously tried for a work or school related project. Celebrate the awesome parts of life and go into solution-mode for the rest.

Life is a wild ride, so enjoy it! You live and you learn. Get growing!

– Jenni


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