3 Pieces of Advice To Take To Heart

“I just want to be a better person.”

It’s hard to admit out loud, but we all feel it in some shape or form. We want to be “better.” We wish we could be like that person. We wish we were good at that one thing. We wish we could help more. 

Well it’s up to you to change your life for the better. And rather than trying to change everyone around you, work from the inside-out. Start with the reflection in the mirror.

Here are three pieces of advice to take to heart.

1. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

Purposely fixing a smile on our face tends to make the day a little brighter. Being pleasant doesn’t equate with being creepy; opening the door for a stranger, saying hello to the checkout lady, and sincerely thanking someone has a lot of potential to turn a bad day around. Have a little faith in humanity and start with yourself. How can you show more kindness to others?

2. A good sense of humor can significantly improve a bleak situation.

Learn to laugh at yourself a little. Sometimes you’ll mess up and make mistakes, and that’s okay. Take a lesson away from the mistake and choose to view the past through a lens that wont keep you awake at night with regret. Move on and laugh about it later!

3. True compassion will enhance your life.

People are worth your time. We all have different stories and wisdom to offer. Sometimes all someone wants is someone to listen. Build relationships by becoming a good listener and watch your circle of influence expand.

– Jenni


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