Behavior Is Caught, Not Taught

Something my pastor said this weekend really stuck with me:

“Behavior is often caught, not taught.”

Isn’t that the truth? How often did you hear the words, “do as I say, not as I do,” growing up? Our actions are so much more powerful than empty words. And though words can make a huge difference, it’s the person behind the words, the follow-through, that makes them meaningful in the long run.

It’s easy to tell others what we think they should do, but then make excuses for ourselves when we face similar problems in our own lives. The picture is always clearer from a distance. If we are aiming to be people of exemplary behavior, we must start with ourselves. Others will follow and ‘catch’ the behavior.

Being a person of influence doesn’t just mean teaching others how to modify their behaviors; it meansΒ being an example. Are you an example of someone you would want to be around? Or are you only an empty voice of reason?

Take your own advice and become the best version of yourself. Change always starts with YOU.

– Jenni


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