Welcome to the Fair!

Among the colorful plush toys dangling above the rows of carnival games that are invented to suck the money out of your pockets and the clouds of smoke wafting through the mass of fair-goers that wafted the aroma of fried… you name it, everything… there I stood. It was a family outing, and we were all having a blast.

While wandering the crowded and bustling alleyways of San Diego’s renowned Del Mar Fair, one could just feel the energy swirling around themI know that I could! Noises of every sort, smells of every food, and people of every shape were tooling around all of the brightly-colored tents. There were varying levels of excitement etched across their faces; a pair of bashful tweens on their first date, a bubbly and hectic mother handling two bewildered children, a wide-eyed teenager gawking at the frankly ridiculous price tag on a famous ‘outlaw burger’, and a dejected father who would rather being anywhere else.

But it’s all part of the experience!

Hours later, as we tugged ourselves away from tilt-a-whirls and turkey legs and waddled our aching feet back to our car parked in a dirt lot across the way, we all shared our favorite part of the day. My dad loved looking at the gem stone museum, settled neatly in an air-conditioned building among the chaos. My sister loved her new goldfish, Samantha, who she had won from a particularly persistent vendor on her first try. My brother and my boyfriend felt completely exhilarated after their go on the infamous Slingshot; a ride I’m convinced is meant to make you hurl. I was just to grateful for the full day to spend some fun time with my family, especially when it feels like the weight of life was sitting on my shoulders latley. Wondering about my mom? Well she opted to stay home and relax, and she called to ask us to bring her an ice cream on the way home. So everyone wins!

All in all, we aren’t all blessed with the most amazing family that enjoys quality time spent together. But we do have the ability to choose who we surround ourselves with to enjoy similar days.

Life isn’t all about numbers and work and school… as important as those things are, let yourself breathe.

It’s okay to have fun! 


– Jenni


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