Keep Dreaming, Dreamer

Children are often perceived in media as starry-eyed creatures, swimming in dreams of love, laughter, and hope that are squashed as we enter adulthood…

What a depressing outlook on life.

I cannot say that it baffles me, how cynical an adult’s outlook of a child’s wonderment can be. We were all children once, but the magic fades away as life settles upon each of our shoulders. A shadow is cast upon our deepest desires and often we settle for less than what we visualize as best. Situations arise, circumstances change, and we begin believing the deck stacked against us is a sentence of our dreams’ imminent doom.


First, why pass such despair to a person you young? What joy is found in crushing the excitement of a  child? What elation can be invented when squashing hope that is already so fragile, when held in tiny hands? There is none. There is truly nothing fulfilling about killing the dreams of another person, especially an innocent who has done you no harm.

Maybe that’s something we need to remind ourselves, when we remember the people who have nitpicked or brushed off our own dreams int he past. It’s never too late to revisit the dream that fueled your delight as a youngster.

So, revive the things that made you tick! Release your inner-child and embrace the dreamer you are. You aren’t daft, ditzy, or dull in the head; you are destined for greatness.

– Jenni xo


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