I Dreamed a Dream… And Wrote It Down

What are your dreams?

Without context, it’s easy to laugh off someone who talks about their ‘dreams’. It feels cheesy when there’s no substance behind the words.

Think of a time where you had a conversation with someone about something they love. Maybe it was their career, or a hobby, or even a person. The light in their eyes, the joy in their expression, the conviction in their voice… when they spoke of this person, place, or thing, couldn’t you just feel it?

Passion is contagious. It’s what we do with that passion that makes the difference in our own lives. Do we use that passion to fuel our own dreams? Or do we ingest it like a poison, creating feelings of jealousy and stirrings of negative thoughts directed towards our own capabilities?

Maybe you haven’t fully decided yet. But remember this:

“If you are unwilling to fight for what you want, then you deserve what you get.”

I challenge you to challenge yourself: write down 10-15 dreams on a piece of paper, no matter how far-fetched they seem right now. Here are some of my examples:

  1. Hit a bullseye with a bow-and-arrow.
  2. Give a speech in Spanish.
  3. Hike the entirety of the Napali Coast (Kauai, Hawaii) and camp on the beach.
  4. Stay at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya.
  5. Publish a best-selling novel.
  6.  Hike Table Mountain in Capetown, South Africa.
  7. Kayak in Antarctica.
  8. Drink a butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks. (A DREAM FINALLY MADE POSSIBLE BY UNIVERSAL STUDIOS)
  9. Film a TV pilot.
  10. Great White shark cage diving.

What do YOU want to do?

– Jenni


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