Burning & Building Bridges

All it takes is a tiny push in one direction or the other and you are forced to make a decision: burn a bridge or build a new one.

We all have relationships, activities, ways of thinking, and paths we are set on that we just know deep down are not good for us. Whether it’s toxic, unhealthy, or just the angel on your shoulder whispering into your ear, “this isn’t right…” you can feel it. Trust your gut – it’s usually right.

I firmly believe we go through seasons in life where certain changes and decisions must be made, no matter how painful they initially are. And even when they seem painful in the moment, I know that I have thanked myself for making those difficult decisions later on down the road. But the real challenge comes at the crossroads: can we stop something entirely? Can we break off a relationship completely? Can we truly move on from something that hinders us from moving forward in the first place?

I’ve found that the answer is profoundly… yes.

It’s never too late to change your life for the better.

It’s never too late to change your life for the better. And if that means burning a bridge in your life, (not literally, come on now) then you should do it. With caution, of course. For example, a relationship of ANY kind always deserves honesty and kindness… so before you cast the match, be forthright with how you feel.

If moving forward includes building a bridge (as it typically does) then build it with resounding eagerness and joy. It’s a new chapter in your life! It’s an exciting time!

‘Change’ is a difficult thing to love, but it will also be the very thing that makes your life greater than it is now. You just need to allow change to take action.

Jenni xo


2 Comments on “Burning & Building Bridges

  1. Excellent!!! I find that ‘authenticity’ guides me best when determining whether a bridge needs to be built or burned down. Will this new bridge allow me to live authentically? Will this torch return me to authenticity? The discord in our lives (anxiety or depression) often comes from the gap between where we are today and where we authentically want to be.

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