You Can Change Your Stars

“A man can change his stars, father.”

William Thatcher, also known as Sir Ulrich von Lichenstein, said that in one of my favorite movies, A Knight’s Tale.

It’s a feel-good film; a medieval flick set around jousting tournaments, a quirky Geoffrey Chaucer, and cheesy dance numbers. The late Heath Ledger stars as a penniless servant to a suddenly dead knight. He takes his place by forging papers of nobility and proves his worth as a pauper turned into a noble and brave knight.

Not all of us are blessed enough to be born into particularly good situations.  Part of the beauty of meeting new people is learning about each of their stories. We are all so different. But there is nothing more incredible and empowering than watching someone rise from the ashes. When the past feels like a ghost, you must turn away from the shadow.

rise from the ashes.

Decide the person you want to be. Do not let your past dictate who are. Become better so you can do better. Find a way to cope with, not mask, your insecurities, judgements, and mistakes. You are worth it. Lean upon those who love you. Ask for help when you need it. Trust your love ones and learn to trust yourself.

become better so you can do better.

You are capable of changing your stars.



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