Grace Carried Me Here…

“Sometimes our brains are our own worst enemy because grace isn’t logical.” – Judah Smith

What is grace? Grace is forgiveness. Grace is given freely, without payment. Grace is what the world seeks in faith and religion. Grace is what  God bestows and what we choose to accept or deny.

A lot of the times it is also something we don’t feel we deserve.

you are enough.

Find joy in the ordinary and recognize you’re extraordinary. The world is a big place and forgiveness can be found in all of its nooks and corners. But the most important person to start with is yourself.

When I am feeling inadequate or small, I turn to God and I turn to my loved ones. I’m easing into their encouragement and learning to soak in their support. It isn’t easy to open up when one’s walls are sky high. But just remember this:

All sins can be forgiven when someone loves you.

“grace carried me here… and by grace I will carry on.”



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