Let’s Live With Intention

The past few months or so have been a complete whirlwind. I’m convinced I’ve never felt so busy and consumed with ‘to-do’s’ in all of my life. (and I know I am not THAT busy, by most standards…)

But here I was, scrambling every single day to cram as much as I can into 19-20 hours and leaving the other few hours to sleep. And this blog, well… it’s been a little low on my to-do list totem pole. However, the issue I have recognized is that I do not want writing to ever be a part of my ‘to-do’ list at all! I want writing to be something I just DO. Something that I will continue to love.

The last thing I want is for the things I love to feel like a chore.

So I took a step back and really thought about the direction my life was heading. Too often I was feeling busy, yet unaccomplished. I have been living the past several weeks of my life without real intention and I am beginning to feel the effects on my attitude.

Here are some of things I’ve had to remind myself:

Sleep is important. Get some.

I have drummed up the argument that ‘sleep is for the weak’ when I roll up to a meeting completely prepared on paper but looking like a zombie. The reality is that sleep is good for you. You deserve some. So if you need to get up early, turn in an hour or two earlier than usual tonight. Let your brain and your body relaaaaaaaax.

(also, if you are having severe issues sleeping –  go to a doctor and actually discuss your options!)

Your body is made up of a lot of water. Drink some.

I recently had my body analyzed and I was told I needed to up my daily water intake. No amount of espresso and vitamin B12 will substitute the recommended 11 cups of water daily, apparently. (ha) So before you leave the house, fill up a bottle of water. A game changer for me has been getting into the habit of drinking a full glass before my morning workout.

Make time to focus on something you really love, without multitasking or distraction. 

(To the best of your ability, of course. I understand that there are special circumstances.) I am currently reading a book titled Singletasking, by Devora Zack. In it, the author goes into detail how multitasking is enticing, dangerous, misleading. We may think we are getting a lot done, but we are actually doing sub-par work. It has been a great inspiration in my life to make the time for the things that make me happy. I suggest you pick up a copy, or at the very least figure out a time in your day or week to focus on your niche.

Whatever it is that you are going through in your life, just know you are not alone. And make time to take care of yourself. 🙂

– Jenni


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