What I Learned in 2015

The year of 2015 is coming to a close.

What are some of the most important memories and lessons you can take away from the past 365 days?

I learned quite a bit. Messed up quite a lot. And also had a lot of wins! But looking back, it was the simple lessons that really have made a difference as I enter the new year.


Don’t be afraid to just take a leap of faith and go for it. A year ago, I was trembling in my boots and nervous as heck, getting ready to publish a book with one of my best friends. We were putting ourselves out there and we had been working hard fora  very long time. We had ambition. But I was still scared.


Because my ambition was laced with trepidation. I was worried about the results; would it all pay off? Could this dream become a reality?

In the end, it was a resounding YES. It DID become a reality! From Me To You became an Amazon bestseller and the feedback was incredible. And all because we had faith in our book, God, and each other.

say yes to new adventures.

Would it be too ludicrous to say, “you only live once?”

Get out there and do fun and crazy things! You don’t need to be a ‘yes-man’, but don’t sit inside every day and deprive yourself of any fun.

A year ago, it would take a lot to make me take one night or afternoon a week to do something besides work or study. I was a workaholic. And although working hard is a very good thing, it felt good to make new memories with friends and spend a little time branching out of my little bubble.

seek to be worth knowing rather than well-known.

Instagram likes and Twitter followers were a dirty little secret I cared too much about. Being validated by a number does nothing positive for your psyche. All it does is make the things that don’t matter, matter, and the things that do matter, don’t.

So don’t throw away the person you are, the goodness inside you, or the true candid version of yourself. You don’t want to be buried behind something you think ‘the world’ wants to see. In reality, we are all flawed people with a barrage of issues in our own life. Nobody is perfect.

Social media popularity will not make you a better person; only YOU can make  you a better person.


Have a happy and safe new year, everyone!

~ Jenni


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