A New Year’s Day Adventure

Gather around, faithful readers! I have a story to share with you.

On January 1st, I left my iPhone in a taxi cab in Reno, Nevada; a city I am unfamiliar with.

I step out of the cab and briskly into the warm lobby, reaching into my coat pocket to see exactly how brisk the night air actually was. I realized  fairly quickly my phone was not tucked away in coat pocket or purse. A moment of utter panic bubbles in my chest and I spin on my heel, screeching and reaching out in the general direction of the departing cab, “No, wait! My cell phone is still in that cab!”

Cameron, my lovely boyfriend who practically lives for proving that chivalry isn’t dead, takes off in a full sprint through the revolving door and into the ice and snow, completely tearing after this taxi. I skirted outside as carefully as I could in my impractical boots to watch him bound down the street, his carry-on backpack still strapped to his back, looking like he’s running to win a race. But I also watch as this taxi is hitting every green light as far as I can see.

I felt the impending doom brewing in my stomach at about this point.

Not long after, Cameron comes walking back with a dejected expression on his face. He had chased him for several blocks, yelling even, and waving his arms. But unfortunately, the cab turned onto the highway before he was able his attention.

So, there I am… standing in the slush, trying so hard not to get too internally frustrated with myself (it’s just a phone, it’s just a phone) but I couldn’t help but to mentally kick myself.

I didn’t get the cab number and I didn’t pay attention to the particular taxi service. Okay. Good.

By some miracle, even though all I could hear was crazy circus music in my head by this point, I maintained a well-crafted mask of calm. I called my parents from Cam’s phone and felt the sense of foreboding deja vu regarding the time I had to call my dad from Los Angeles explaining I was in a car accident. Of course this time, I couldn’t beg my parents for help. I just needed their guidance and soothing voices. LOL

And of course, they reminded me about Find My iPhone! That seemingly unimportant free app you’re supposed to put on all Apple devices when you first purchase them!  I had never used it before or even thought twice about it. But suddenly it felt like a the most useful thing Apple had ever created.

Luckily, I had brought my Mac with me so I whipped it out and accessed my iCloud. For those of you who haven’t yet been forced to use Find my iPhone in the iCloud, let me tell you how useful it is! I was able to track where exactly it was on the map, remotely switch my iPhone into ‘Lost Mode’, displaying a message that it was lost and to call a specific number to reach me. I was able to make it beep really loud to get the driver’s attention. If I had to, I would’ve also had been able to wirelessly wipe the phone completely. (If this is all old news to you, SORRY but it wasn’t to me! I was amazed.)

people will constantly surprise you.

I kept thinking about how a mentor of mine teaches expectancy; always be prepared for the worst, but continue to expect the best. People will constantly surprise you.

Almost immediately, this taxi driver finds it under the backseat & calls Cameron’s phone number that is flashing on the screen. He remembered us and drove all the way back from downtown to bring it to me. He insisted that I didn’t need to pay him a dime, but of course I had to give him something.

The reason I wanted to share this story is because I was reminded, ironically on the first day of the new year, that you will find kindness in places you weren’t even searching for it. It was a stressful, but awesome adventure to begin 2016 with!



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